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Welcomed into the homes of our readers, more than 135,000 adults in Northwest Vermont read The Burlington Free Press an average of 4.3 times in a typical week. Their commitment of time and money creates a level of engagement few other sources enjoy. That’s just one reason a recent survey of 5,000 U.S. consumers found that newspapers scored highest of all media on overall engagement, including metrics such as “usually notice ads” and “likely to purchase.”

It’s not surprising then that more than 635,000 adults read The Burlington Free Press each week or access and our other digital platforms each month.

In addition to the full distribution of The Burlington Free Press, FreePressMedia offers zoned and targeted options for specific communities, targeted audiences and business needs.

As, the leader in local news, no source dedicates more resources to delivering more news to more people across more channels. The local news, sports, business and features content in the printed edition provides an excellent environment for businesses, products and services to reach a quality audience in the right context.

The Burlington Free Press Reader Profile:

  • 84% of working women
  • 81% of families with kids
  • 85% of homeowners
  • 84% of affluent households ($75,000+ HHI)
  • 84% of young professionals

Passion Sections

It often begins with a deep-seated commitment to values rooted in the rural and small-town lifestyle of our region and its tremendous scenic beauty. Those values have spawned environmental consciousness, an appreciation of locally grown food, a rich community of writers, visual and performing artists and one of the most entrepreneurial cultures in America. Every week, Burlington Free Press award-winning journalists and photographers cover these topics in depth with a variety of “passion sections”, offering you contextual advertising opportunities. When combined with a targeted digital campaign, you can increase your reaches with audiences that will be passionate about what you have to offer.

Innovate – Reach 73% of Northwest Vermont’s workforce (142,595 adults)* with a print and digital package featuring our new Thursday Business Section. Innovate reaches decision makers who are interested in business news, Movers and Shapers in the business community, local jobs and stories of Vermont success. Innovate readers tend to be educated professionals with college and post graduate degrees with upper level incomes.

Weekend  – Reach two out of three Northwest Vermont adults (130,415 people)* who rely on local media to learn more about the arts, culture and community events when you put together a print and digital package featuring the Thursday Weekend Section. Readers also turn to Weekend for YOUR ads. A typical print and digital campaign, will put your message in front of 124,784 adults who are actively seeking local restaurant and entertainment ads.

Savorvore – Reach 68% of Great Burlington adults (121,377 people)* who rely on local media for local food news and restaurant information when you put together a FreePressMedia print and digital package featuring Friday’s Savorvore food section. Savorvore’s content is devoured weekly, both in the Burlington Free Press and on creating a powerful environment to further Vermont’s passionate foodie culture and farm to table movement.

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